Manufactured in Africa. For Africa. 

Who We Are

We are African Gabions

A company with a mind for a simplified supply chain for civil engineering projects that work for the people in the heart of Africa.

With over 140 years’ experience among our team of experts, we’re invested in a robust future for infrastructural and commercial development, and a secure future for the environment.

Based in Tongaat, South Africa.

Gabion baskets

Our Products

View our gabions, matresses and more!

What we Do

We are a manufacturer of hexagonal woven steel wire mesh, commonly referred to as double twist mesh, used in the manufacture of Gabions, Mattresses and other civil engineering products.

Our manufacturing facility is based in KwaZulu – Natal, South Africa. 

By nurturing the world of tomorrow, harmonizing life and nature through innovative solutions, African Gabions pursues excellence and continuous improvement.

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